Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Toss a Banana at a Black Man in Canada is OK

Imagine only two hockey players on the ice at this particular time, the black guy from the Flyers attempting a penalty shot and the goalie from the opposing team. 
Just before the black guy makes his move to the goal a banana is tossed from the stands and lands in front of him on the ice. 
What kinda s*** is that?
Miraculously, they identified the guy who tossed the banana and arrested him.
He had to pay a $200 fine which he has 90 days to pay. 
There was not enough evidence to charge him with a hate crime. 
Only in Canada. Don’t try that mess in South Philly.


  1. Iam a white man and I say it is not ok, It is how your raised white black what ever. People are people and some people are raised to hate what a shame.

  2. I'm not a fan of hockey but I do know that world wide, it's a common occurrence in soccer games to do the same to a player.

  3. To any soccer player or to black players? Is it always a banana? What does this fruit throwing gesture represent at soccer games world wide?