Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Chester High Basketball Game

I finally got to see this year’s version of the Chester High School varsity basketball team last night at Widener University as they played Christ the King from New York.

As CTK took the court, everyone was trying to guess who the best player in New York City was. Omar Calhoun has committed to University of Connecticut so we were anxious to see this guy play.

He really didn’t show us much except for the fact that he made almost as many foul shots as Chester missed (13 made vs 14 missed).  

At about 6’4”, he’s  got good size and obviously gets to the foul line a lot, but his jump shot was suspect, and he never took over the game like we’d expect  he would.  He’s probably a lot more effective when he’s surrounded by better players which were in very short supply on his team.

But, I have to give credit to the Chester defense which frustrated CTK in the second half despite not throwing a full court press on them.  Their zone defense was very impressive and effective at keeping CTK off the boards and it bothered their guards out front. 

Good defense and awful foul shooting doesn’t make for a fan friendly game, so it was nice to see a couple ‘poster perfect’ slam dunks by Chester to get the crowd involved. 

It was nice to see the Daily Times give Chester full page coverage in their sports section. That doesn’t happen too often until playoff time. 

Chester heads to Virginia Beach on Saturday for a tournament.  Seems like a long trip to play just one game. Anybody making that trip with them?

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