Monday, January 2, 2012

Flyers, Winter Classic, The Roots, Wayne Simmonds

Professional ice hockey is a crazy sport with the most amazing athletes. Big guys skate at blazing speeds, both forward and backward, making turns & stops on a dime, while banging into each other all game. 

And they do it at least 4 times a week.

The Flyers are always contenders so I try to keep up with them although I find it difficult to watch hockey on TV. They’re so much more fun to watch live.

I tuned into the Winter Classic at the end of the second period and watched  Bob Costas and company show highlights and chat about the first 2 periods of Philly vs New York during the break.

Just as I was about to turn away, Costas announced that a South Philly group was about to perform for the crowd. I couldn’t believe that the Flyer’s  hired The Roots to perform during this huge game.

The Roots came out in Flyers’ jerseys and changed their lyrics to include Flyer references.
Kudos to the Flyers’ organization for that bold entertainment choice.

Now, if they would simply put some Wayne Simmonds jerseys in the stores, I’d be one of the first to buy one. 

What’s up with that?


  1. Simmonds is a good physical player, but there are two reasons why his jerseys may not be plentiful in most stores: 1) he's not a flashy player, 2) he's not a superstar by any means (unlike say, Giroux), and 3) he's new to the team (came from LA in a trade over the summer).

    I think once he plays here for a couple of seasons he'll become much more entrenched in the Flyers organization. While he's no superstar, his physical play perfectly accords with the Flyers' history of rough-and-tough hockey.

  2. Great answer. Thanks.

    Stores don't even carry his jersey. I hear they sell out as fast as they put them in the Flyers store at Wells Fargo Center.

    With that success you'd think Modells or Dicks would carry them.