Monday, January 9, 2012

Compaints on Chester odor filed by DEP

It Stinks Around Here more than it should.

I've listed the number for you to call on the left margin of this page when you think it stinks more than it should.

A couple Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) agents have called me back to follow up. According to the times that I've experienced the odors as being excessive, they tell me it probably isn't coming from Covanta becuase they are closed during those hours. But, they do have an idea who the culprit may be.

However, the DEP agents reminded me that my single phone call normally wouldn't get attention from their office. Unless they receive a lot of calls, they log the complaint but assign their resources to where a lot of people are complaining.

Come on Chester. Pick up the phone and call 484-250-5991 if it bothers you that It Stinks Around Here.

Otherwise, enjoy the funk.


  1. A few times in the past week or so, the smell has been at bit harsh. I was thinking maybe we are up-wind from "The Hook", aka the refineries, however it has not been that bad, for such an extended period of time. Thanks for the number and the next time the odor overtakes me I will give them a call.

  2. I mostly notice the odor when I am near the library. It's horrible. I can't figure out what the odor is. I will call also

  3. I aint The Hook. Refining has not been in operation for over a month.

  4. there is an sewage treatment plant right off front n booth,maybe that may b the cause of the smell

  5. First off, it's important to take note of the error in this story's headline, which could be misleading: These complaints are filed AT the DEP, not BY the DEP. They are filed BY concerned citizens. That said, the DEP will give due diligence to every single public complaint that comes into their office. If the complaint is found to be valid, they will address the issue.

    Covanta's incinerator is a very tightly-regulated facility. In recent times, they have quite an admirable compliance history. How do I know this??? DEP inspection reports are publicly available; they will even mail you a copy at your request (under the right-to-know law).

    Due to the nature of the business, I would expect that an occasional odor may be noticed under certain rare circumstances. Then again, there are several other plausible sources of odor in the area as well. Hey people, it's our trash, and it has to go somewhere. We can burn it to 10% of what it was, and get electricity from it...or, we can bury it and let it rot in the ground for centuries. I like Covanta's idea better.