Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doesn’t the Chester-Upland School District make you sad?

I received an email from a friend asking if Chester High School was the only high school in Chester.
About five years ago, this single mom moved her family from a small row home in Darby-Colwyn to a very nice single in Willow Grove. Apparently, her teenage son must be acting up so she has sent him to live with his father here in Chester who has enrolled him at Chester High.
I told her that there has probably never been a worse time to be in the Chester school district than now with them trying to operate after all the funding cuts. She didn’t know how bad things are here and just thought that sending her son to Chester would help him appreciate how good he has it living in her home and by attending Abington High School.
Well, some kids prefer the streets to lush lawns, but I’m sure it didn’t take long for him to see a stark difference between high schools.
And then I pick up the Chester Spirit today and read that the school board can’t even adjourn a meeting without a 5-4 vote. How ridiculous is that?
Gee Democrats, all you had to do was put another person on the ballot and you would have easily won a 5th seat on the school board. Why all the drama now? You have got to expect that all votes will be 5-4. 
So sad. 


  1. Thats really sad. I cant stomach this mess. The Dems saying that the Rep are playing politics and State Rep standing up bosting about this new board. EDUCATION STARTS AT HOME. Not with a BUNCH of folks grand standing trying to feel important. This is a reality show for Delaware County all you have to do is read the paper every other Wednesday and LAUGH

  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If parents want to make a difference they need to get involve with the schools. I spent countless hours on the PTO in the schools and still had a full time job. My children education was important to me.I have one finish college with a master and another on her second year of college. Both came through Chester Upland School District. One word to our parents of Chester Involvement.

  4. I have to agree with all the anonymous' a parent here in's the worse time ever, I came through CUSD and I am good my older children are good (not educated here) 2 in college and 1 that started and found a trade that satisfy youngest son is trying to...I don't know...but with nothing to offer in this school district other then drop out and we'll give you a diploma anyway mentality of this district...our young boys have no chance...Home School here we come!!!!

  5. Sad!I grow up in Chester. Booker T./Douglass/Chester HS. I became a teacher, associate principal, principal,
    adjuct professor etc. I live near a dump and my father was into the bars and mom church. Yet, Mom used involvement in my education and regardless what was happening in our home. No excuses for success. " Kids in the streets looking for food and being wanted with love".