Friday, December 23, 2011

Dept of Education Denies Advance

Did anyone really expect that the state would advance the Chester-Upland School District $18 million dollars? Obviously the school board did, as they still hold out hope that they haven’t received The Final Answer.
The state’s response is that the district’s financial distress was not unique to the current year, but an ongoing case of mismanagement.
School board president Wanda Mann says this crisis is the inevitable result of a 15 year build up that just happens to have come to a head during this elected board’s period of governance.
Therefore, they both agree with each other.
It appears that the state is more upset that the current administration is ignoring their recommendations and choosing to continue doing business as usual.
Obviously, business as usual ain’t going to cut it anymore.             
This school board has to make some tough and unpopular decisions on running a school district with a whole lot less money, in a hurry.  
Up to now, they haven’t shown me that they have the ***** to do it.


  1. THE GOVERNOR SHOULD SHUT IT DOWN!!! There are other ways to educate these students. A lot of other parents are doing it.

    Hope the governor reads this blog.

  2. They should give them the money with very specific tipulations. For instance have non-polictical EXPERIENCED financial team to come in to staighten out the finances.

  3. I would like the school board to show us what the district would look like if they operated within the budget. Than people can make more informed decisions.

  4. I am NOT suprised at the decision at all,The District and The Board has shown consistantly that they can not and/or will NOT handle the money responsibly and in the BEST intrest of the Children in this district...So why would they just hand over that kind of money to such irresponsible people to MUCK it up again, and then next year ask for the NEXT year's money and what always be a year behind or no how about 2yrs behind, and here's a big question that comes to mind...HOW ARE THEY GOING TO PAY BACK THE MONEY TO THE DISTRICT IF THEY KEEP USING THE COMING YEARS MONEY? I'm just asking...I mean seriously, when I goo to work everyday and pay day comes, it's for the previous weeks work, not the coming weeks work...So now what happens to our children? and the Teachers who show up everyday to teach and try to teach without enough supplies and overcrowded class rooms....These school district employees have families and responsiblities also, this is like I have been saying for 4yrs...the people in this community need to wake up get up and pay attention and stop thinking their "friends" (which their not until election time) are taking care of the educational needs of the children...How Very Sad!