Monday, December 26, 2011

Dems need to get down to business

When I read the headline of Bill Riley’s editorial, I got excited thinking that he was going to provide some great insight on how the new administration should handle their business come January. 

I was sorry to read that it was just a love letter to John Linder. 

First, Mr. Riley detailed the biggest obstacle the administration will face – the republicans.
In my opinion, if there was ever a time Chester should have a republican administration, it’s now. The republican stars are lined up perfectly to help Chester continue to grow.
Yet, as Riley clearly reminds the democrats…

Locally, we must understand Chester sits in Delaware County, the home of the third most powerful Republican political machine in this country. Remember the governor’s seat is occupied by a Republican. Both houses of the state’s Legislature are held by the Republicans. To sum it up, you can look from these three sources little of no help to make this elected administration succeed.
To overcome this obstacle, Riley says, “John Linder must be very creative and a big centerpiece of his administration must be the private sector.”

Sounds good, but big business owners are usually republican supporters. As Riley states, President Obama is facing the same challenges. The companies he saved with his bailout are now holding on to money that could help stimulate the economy primarily because they don’t want the economy to rebound on President Obama’s watch. 

The same thing will happen in Chester. Those businesses who have been considering Chester, and can take advantage of programs like Keystone Opportunity Zones, may likely decide to hold off for a few years, or even take their business somewhere else. 

Riley clearly understands that the folks with money are not going to make it easy for the Linder Team. But, he reminds us that “you have chosen change for our city.”

Riley suggest you, “show your support for change by showing up in greater numbers at both city council and school board meetings.” Will that be enough?

Although Riley “can attest greatly to John’s leadership, and this city is blessed to have him at the helm for the next four years,” I only read doom and gloom in his commentary.
It’s great to have hope, but this city needs money. 

Riley says, “Trust, because I believe God has placed (Linder) there.”  

Ok. Let us all trust. 

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  1. Lol, look at the school district, crime, etc. Not saying democrats can change everything but that was all on republican watch! No money to pay teaches, school district folding and new big businesses coming in. Yet and still they boast of no tax hikes. Lets do the math. First, remember republicans ran city and school board. School district starts to collapse now lets bring in one the republicans largest contributors/lobbyists to privatize education meanwhile taking money from the district while Corbitt, Pileggi and Co. taylor legislature to help charter schools flourish. Bring big businesses in and let them get even richer off of a starving city before they have to really start paying taxes. No tax hikes to keep poverty level on pace. You would think that this could achieve parallel success but its set up for sequential success w/the end being tax hikes on the same ppl they boasted they were helping w/ no tax hikes. Can you say GENTRIFICATION. It goes higher than Butler and Linder. No direspect to Mayor Butler but he was just a conduit for helping the plan to stay in motion whether he realized it or not (hope not). Linder's biggest job as mayor is to revitalize the school district even though he has no control.

    "The most wisdom the masses can muster is the wise choice of a leader."