Thursday, December 15, 2011

Budget Bungled at Chester-Upland

Back on May 30, 2011, our survey said that 91% of you did not believe the Chester-Upland School District could survive a $20 million dollar budget cut
It seems you all knew what you were talking about.
Somehow, the school district opened its doors this school year fully aware that they wouldn’t have enough money to pay it’s teachers beyond December.
Or, somehow, the school district’s budget reveled that it did have enough money to pay its teachers beyond December.
Either way, they were wrong. 
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  1. This district is a joke!

  2. How much money did they have to start with this year? And what did they spend it on? An itemized list would be nice to see. Show were every penny went to then maybe all the negitave comments would stop.

  3. Don't know. I was told that the Overtown Express had requested a school district budget which probably would have been featured in one of their papers, but none has been provided to them. We'll probably never know how the budget was set up unless a bunch of you demand to see it. It is your tax dollars.

  4. To get a good start you should look at the Agendas from past School Board Meetings their are itemized list of where some of the money is going...and in every meeting that I have atteended...there is always payments that have to be tabled until someone looks into it, because concerned citizens always ask "Who is this person and What is this amount of money for?" The plan of the Board is to only supply a limited amount of copies of said Agenda and to only provide the copies just a few minutes before the meeting start so that no one really has time to go through it thuroughly....and now the have no money t pay these Teachers who are already working on a Budget on a Diet as it is...How sad! Teachers are the most thankless people around next to nurses and Mother's and they most of them anyway work really hard to teach our children even when the child is against learning and the parent is either absent or in their face...this school district and the board has some 'splainin to do!
    sn: the Agenda is normally posted the next day or week after the meeting on the districts website...

  5. Ok Here's another question?
    If they get the advance, what happens next school year, when they start with 18.7M less? Do they ask for another advance from the next year and then again the next year and then again the next year? You get my point.
    Someone needs to start talking.

  6. Yes. Future money works like today money if you can get it. I can't imagine it will be allowed to go on much longer.