Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Technology Fashion Show at Crozer Library Friday

Okay, it really isn’t a fashion show, but that’s what I’m calling it. 
Provided by Best Buy Springfield, the library will host a Best Buy Tech Showcase on Friday, November 11th from 1:00 to 3:00p.m. 
Just in time for Black Friday, come see the hot items topping holiday wish lists this year, including e-readers, smart phones, and netbooks. 
What a great opportunity to see, touch, and learn about these ever changing electronic consumer devices. 
I know I have a few questions to ask. 

Kim Braun
Head of Reference & Adult Services
J. Lewis Crozer Library
620 Engle Street
Chester, PA 19013
(610) 494-3454, ext. 204


  1. Those are not great hours most folks work during the day.

  2. in the libraries defense, I've seen a lot of evening programs poorly attended by people who should be home from work.

    But, to your point, I will attend and do a blog post for those of you interested but can't attend. I do know how you feel. I just happened to be off today.