Friday, November 11, 2011

ELECTION 2011: Lessons Learned

“Don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve made up my mind.” Bob Linde, my first boss at PGW.
In my old days as a lead project manager for IBM corporate, one of the most important tasks to include at the end of all my project plans was the ‘lessons learned’ session.
This was a time for the project team to reconvene a month or so after our project launched to meet and discuss what we did right and wrong to hopefully do better in the future. 
I would hope that after a little rest, both parties have a ‘lessons learned’ session with their campaign teams.
Here’s what I think they’ll say in a nutshell...
What we did right
What we did wrong
What we did right
We followed the same strategy with the same people that has always worked for us in the past hoping it would work again. 
What we did wrong
  • We didn’t realize how maligned our candidates were to the community.
  • We ignored the shellacking we took in the primaries and started campaigning too late.
  • We killed ourselves with the President Obama billboard and had to exert too much energy with damage control which would have been better spent campaigning.
  • Despite the registration disparity, we did nothing to re-register Democrats back to the Republican party.
  • Due to our lack of an ongoing coordinated communication strategy throughout our tenure in office, we were not effective cramming all our successes down voter's throats in the 4 weeks leading up to the election.

What do you think was done right or wrong by either party?


  1. The lesson that should be learned is: Never get too comfortable in your position, never burn the bridge that brought you over,
    because there are alligators in the river.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Len warren

  2. I dont see what the rep could have done better maybe run a different person for mayor. I think people voted straight party lines and that's sad. Maybe they should have posted a billboard with all of the things that they did. The dems I think just relied on people supporting them bc they are dems. I think Mayor Butler stayed around to long and when you stay around as long as he did people start to see your bad not your good. I say that but then I don't understand how state rep has lasted as long as he had. I am just confused I commend butler and his team they tried hard. I hope the city is correct with this pick. Good luck Linder and Co you have some big shoes to fill with less resources.

  3. I know this has nothing to do with this post but your question can Chester prosper withwith out republican is good. But my question to everyone that thinks YES chester can is. If the president can not get things done bc of the republicans how in the hell do you think Chester will. The COUNTY and the STATE are run by REPUBLICANS for the next THREE years. SMH. Our city if filled with a bunch of fools.

  4. To be perfectly honest I am surprised that J. Linder won...he did not campagin, very much other then when the school board candidates were going around, and then our do nothing st. rep. came to town and went around inciting the ignorant in the city to rudely speak out against something for some face time in front of the camera's... he never really said what he was going to do to take the city to the next level...he just incited the ignorants anger about what we as a city don't have, I never saw him at city events, unless it was for a photo with some star that came to perform, if he came to something it wasn't to mingle with the citizens it was to complain show his face and say Vote for Me. How did they win, by their slogan "Vote straight Dem" and the majority in this city are not informed voters they just follow the pack, Mr. Butler was here a bit to long and he did get comfortable, and since Pileggi's seat wasn't up for grabs he didn't bother coming to Chester to show support for his "friend" the poster was a oops moment that the Dems used to their advantage...but like someone mentioned, he realied to heavily on the people doing the same thing that they always done...Mr. Butler did some good things for this city and I think some of the deals made with the businesses in the city has hurt us in the short term and long term, like why don't the city still own rights to the parking lot around the you know how much money that would have generated for the city, especially since the stadium is going to start doing other events....I wish Linder and Co. the best of luck and hopes the secrets he kept about how he is going to take us to the next level is good ones and raise us up not take us down like some Dems have done in the past...for the record I'm a Demcrat.

  5. Our city if filled with a bunch of fools.
    Anonymous I guess you didnt put your name since you live in this City too..

    I never saw him at city events, unless it was for a photo with some star that came to perform, if he came to something it wasn't to mingle with the citizens it was to complain show his face and say Vote for Me. To this Concerned Citizen just what event you wer @ because I attened alot me and my kids and I seen Mr. Linder and all other council people there????
    Be it Republican or Democrat we all need to come together and worry about our City and the people that live here.....