Sunday, November 20, 2011

SURVEY RESULTS: Can Chester prosper without Republican support?

61 votes
YES 67%
NO 32%
Based on these results, Republicans are no longer needed or welcome in Chester. The new Democratic administration has what it takes to launch Chester to a new level.
Personally, I’m curious where Democrats will marshal their prosperity since there aren’t many opportunities to create revenue for the city within the city limits. There will be a nice bump in 2013 when the Keystone Opportunity Zone businesses start paying their full tax load. Other than that, show me the new money!

In my opinion, Chester’s prosperity must come from a continued influx of new businesses, and a slew of higher income residents buying homes and paying taxes (which implies that someone builds new homes for the higher income folks). 
We’ll see how well the dominate Republican party in the county and state choose to work with the Chester Democrats. To believe that anything of substance can come to Chester without their involvement is hopeful, at best. 
Maybe if the question read, ‘Will Chester prosper...’, the results would be different. 
Or, maybe I’m just missing something. Let me know what it is, please. 


  1. I must be missing it to or maybe my time has come to move out of Chester. I will like to see how Linder and Co. will make POWER moves without the help of the COUNTY or STATE. If Rendell was still the Gov. I could believe that something may happen. But Linder did not win outside of the city of Chester when he ran for state senator. Why would anyone believe he can do some thing now. State Rep has not made any POWER moves; he was against Harrahs and PPL Park he couldn't even bring a supermarket to his own city without working with the Republicans. In 2013 we will receive a lot of money from the KOZ. Overtown will be back SEARS, MOVIE THEATER, SUPERMARKET, SKATING RINK (for the kids), JOBS (from overseas) and the OLD Chester will be the PRESENT Chester. Way to go Dem-o-crats.

  2. Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for. The new Mayor, a Widener Professor, can now make Chester a college town in every $ense of the word.

    Also a charter school man, maybe he can do something about the schools instead of the current status quo.

  3. well i see the wellington ridge shopping center is going to be built soon.the sign is up at 15th and highland ave.hmmmm seems like progress is slowly working