Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dailytimes. The Bad Guys.

In a conversation last week, I was told that the Dailytimes were the bad guys. I’ve heard that same term used by everyone from city government officials to everyday Chester readers. 
But, as bad as the Dailytimes appear to be, Chester buys more papers than any other town around.
Most folks say they buy it for the obituaries. They like the People Poll, Friday’s church listings, comics, and sports. My mom likes the puzzles. 

But, we all know that you buy the paper to read the juicy stories on the latest arrests, shootings, school board scandal, or other acts of malfeasance. Oh yeah, they can bring you the crime, too. 
In today’s paper, Chester readers will be drawn to the heating problems and fire at our schools, the lady who hosts the Thanksgiving dinners, the 2 touchdown 103 yard performance by Anthony Davis at Widener, and the first football game at PPL park. 
No all bad. 

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  1. Haha Stef, I'm late but see how when you don't say anything bad nobody comments. It's crazy isn't it. Proving your point exactly.