Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is the Chester Water Authority a good place to work?

There's a lot of drama going on at the CWA. Is it that attractive of a place to work?

If so, where does a Chester born resident with a Villanova engineering degree and nearly 10 years of utility experience apply?

I'll available for interviews.

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  1. I know I ran into a few of them at the hoagie shop. One was more interested in getting my phone number. When will these jerks learn 3 is a crowd. Attractive? Are you sure you want to work there.

  2. No. I am not sure. But it must be a great place to work. Folks are always telling me they are trying to get hired there. And all the hoopla with board appointments lead me to believe that it must be an attractive employer. I've never considered working there, but maybe I should. I wonder if I'm qualified?

  3. Well, I guess if some of them can retire by 50, it must okay to work there.