Friday, January 2, 2015

Chester City Blog covering crime in 2015

Expect to see some huge changes to the Chester Blog in the coming months. I had promised that if we reached 1,000,000 page views, I would change things up from this basic look & feel to a more contemporary blog format. At the pace we're going, we'll reach a million around mid-Spring. 

With the new design will come a lot of new content. It will not just be Chester focused and include stuff important across multiple interest. 

No more Mr. Nice guy. I will start posting crime stories as they appear in the press. I'm not a reporter, so don't expect me out there gathering evidence. I'll simply be posting and commenting on Chester crime. 

What better time to start than now with a New Years Day murder. Less than 2-hours into 2015, Chester got to popping off claiming its first murder of the year. The victim's mom said her son turned his life around and the bad guys need to watch out for God. 

This could have easily been the front page story but thankfully the Daily Times would rather we support cops than be reminded of murder in Chester. 

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