Friday, December 5, 2014

Judge Kenney saving Joe Watkins restores hope in courts

With all the controversy coming out of courtrooms across the country, I'm happy to know that reasonable judgment is coming out of somewhere. I'm so thrilled with how Judge Chad F. Kenney handled the Joe Watkins decision that I'm considering adding the Judge to my Christmas Card list.

I still may not be convinced Joe Watkins is the best person for the district. I still get confused with actions to expand charters while claiming to need to bring students back to the district from the charters. I still can't understand how schools stay open with a $20 million deficit. What would be happening different if they had the $20 million?

Here are my favorite Judge Kenney quotes from the courtroom...
"Are we really getting serious about schools in Chester? . . . Or are we just discussing a change to look like we're doing something?" Kenney asked Dumaresq.
Kenney used the hearing to voice broader concerns about the district. "I'm not removing Mr. Watkins only to have Dr. Barnes come up here and just give me just more platitudes," the judge said.
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