Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dog vacations in Chester, PA now deported

A dog from North Carolina found its way to Chester, Pennsylvania but will soon be deported back to North Carolina because of a microchip.

This story is as confusing as it is heartwarming. The owners expressed great joy knowing their doggie will be home for Christmas but I wasn't aware that dogs came with microchips. Pardon my ignorance but I have never been a pet owner other than a few Oscars that scared my daughter so badly I had to trade them in for Gold Fish. 

Back to the microchip. I know I'm late, but I recently saw the Manchurian Candidate movie where they were putting microchips in people. Is this dog chip the same thing? Is it mandatory? Does it hurt? 

The dog worked so hard to come to Chester that I hate to see it leave so soon without first receiving an official welcome from the other dogs in the area. I hope Chester folks will send the dog home with a few reminders of its time in Chester and maybe a few souvenirs. 

Here are 9 suggested things the dog should take back to North Carolina to remind him of his great visit to Pennsylvania's first city. You come up with the 10th.

  • Bones from Charlie B's Bar-B-Que
  • A bowl of Delaware River water
  • Bark from a rare tree in Deshong Park
  • A pedicure from Donna's Nails on 8th and Welsh
  • A patch of turf from the Philadelphia Union practice soccer fields
  • An honorary degree from Widener University
  • An offer to become the face of Chester's Tourism Bureau
  • A black & orange fire hydrant
  • Does anyone have an old John's Doggie tee shirt?

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