Friday, December 26, 2014

Chester politics getting messier

If crime in Chester, Pennsylvania doesn’t find its way on the front page of the local paper, politics and education surly will. 

Today’s front page features budgets, community policing, police commissioners, do nothing politicians, and ‘chumps’ which were the topics of discussion at the final Chester City Council meeting of 2014. 

Sometimes you wish reporters would ignore the petty little infighting that goes on between grown men and women leading our city. In reality, these skirmishes aren’t petty and only reinforce how fractious the majority political party is that’s leading our city. 

As an outsider looking in, it must seem so dysfunctional and would certainly discourage any sensible business interest from wanting to set up shop here. Residents are probably confused as they’ve rallied behind the democrats in recent years only to read that the Mayor and City Council aren’t on the same page, the State Rep and the Mayor don’t seem to respect one another, the police commissioner only has the support of the mayor, the police commissioner's buddy from Philadelphia is tagged to community police the city. It’s all a hot mess. 

It’s good to know that the Mayor is critical of the $50 million budget and I hope he continues to try to get a budget that he feels is more correct. 

Council’s urging for everyone to create more revenue to make the budget work is an empty request since they've never been charged to be accountable for new revenue in the past. Didn't they say that parking kiosk was the answer?

Why would State Rep Kirkland give up that position to become the mayor of Chester with its never ending problems and bleak future? Isn't that a demotion into depression?

And, if you are serious about community policing, no one did it better than Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Give him a call. If he can clean up Times Square, Chester is a cinch. 

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  1. The city of Chester will never return to its former self, until the voters understand that politics do not represent their interests. Mayor Linder is a educated idiot, and state representative Kirkland is a lying, thieving idiot. The voters need to get rid of both political parties, and start a new party, by the people and for the people.

  2. This has been a mess since they got into office, why in the world would I give them my vote. Now Kirkland is saying that Linder is working for the Republicans??? Linder was held out of the headquarters when Wolf was there? this is sad.

  3. Chester Police need an outsider and they need to change the leadership. They been promoting the wrong people for years. It will take 10 years to fix the department because the damaged is done ie: Sgt. Lee has to be the worst leader and cop this city has ever seen. She has been written up numerous times but her politics protect her. She is a cancer and it is spreading so if you don't stop it now you will never fix this institution. Capt Alston needs to go as well he is done but he is hoping to make a come back as chief. He to is a cancer... Community Policing is a great idea but you need the community to be on board... I don't think the place will change the police are a finger in a hole and the water is gushing out. Most of the men are brave and try to better the place, but there are slugs like Blanding who hide and sleep and suck up to sgt lee and capt alston so you want change get rid of the cancer do proper back ground checks and keep using the feds........