Saturday, November 15, 2014

Does Harrah's Philadelphia care more about them or us?

This may be the only legal
gambling in Delaware County soon
I can’t help but to notice all the local politicians recent urging that no new casino license is awarded in Philadelphia. 

Bidders have been working on their proposals for well over a year putting in a lot of time and money trying to convince the casino gods that they have a better gambling concept than the other guy. Aren’t they too far along in the process to consider stopping the casino license from going through? Where were our politicians when the bidding wars were first announced? Wouldn’t that have been a better time to protest?

In all that I’ve read, the one entity I haven’t seen protest is Harrah’s. Maybe because everyone else is protesting on their behalf they can sit back and see what happens.

Does Harrah’s care about what the politicians care about? Politicians want to keep receiving millions based on Harrah’s revenues. Harrah’s want to keep making millions in pure profit. My gut tells me that if Harrah’s isn’t making enough in profit, they’ll pack up in a heartbeat. I don’t think they’ll take Delaware County and Chester City into consideration when they make that decision. 

Casinos are not in the business to take a loss and are more likely to shut down long before they get to that point. They don’t wait to go broke. They leave when they are still profitable but earning less than projected. 

Chester City is having trouble paying their bills now. Imagine what it will be like with $10 million less in the budget. It’s a scenario I hope city officials are considering. 

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