Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chester's Unity Center celebrates with banquet

Unity Center Inc. at 9th and Kerlin/Butler Streets, has been serving the Chester community since 1987 beginning with transitional housing and now focused on youth and community development. They celebrated last night at Neumann University with a grand banquet honoring supporters and featuring Dray Clark as keynote speaker. 

Dray Clark put it down as usual. If you want to see his entire speech, request it in a comment below. 
Gene Foehl, Unity Center head.
Cheryl Stevens

Amber Stevens

Nancy M. Foehl Service Award recipient, Janet Jones

Nieshaia Williamson and son Nazir Williamson


  1. I am interested in Dray Clark's speech.

    1. As you should be. Give me a couple days to get it together.

  2. I am interested in Dray Clark's speech. Thank you very much.Grace Brown Johnson