Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who cares about huge drug bust in Chester?

The night before the Riverfront Ramble, I had a conversation with Mayor John Linder at the Mayor’s Ramble Reception and we got on the topic of murder in the city. In no uncertain terms, he told me to look out for a huge arrest coming soon. He assured me that a lot of ‘bad guys’ would be taken off the streets. 

‘More than 30 arrested in Chester as cops break up East End drug ring’ is the headline from yesterday’s

Wow! It really happened. 
The investigation was conducted by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), U.S. Attorney’s Office, Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police and the Chester Police Department.
The article listed all the names of those arrested and I doubt if there are any of us from around these parts who don’t know at least a couple of them. For some you say, ‘About Time’. For others you say, ‘Not You’. And for others you say, ‘Not You Again’.
“The people in the City of Chester have expressed frustration, they’ve expressed concern, they’ve expressed outrage over the fact that people are dealing drugs, and the violence that is in the City of Chester,”...
Chester people may have expressed frustration, but they sure haven’t expressed any signs of relief or celebration. Chester has a huge Facebook presence and I was expecting to see Kudos going out to the law for taking down this gang. Maybe I’m not Friends with the right crew, but I don’t see a single post from any of my 800 Friends. 

Maybe the arrests are so close to home for many folks that the perceived benefit to getting these guys off the street is offset by the emotions of seeing them go away for a while. 

All I’ll say is that Mayor Linder wasn’t playing when he said ‘It’s going down, soon.” Great job Mayor!


  1. Isn't that amazing...No one posted comments with regard to the arrests. But you get all types of posts when there are NO ARRESTS. Do they want the crime stopped?...or, Do they want the crime to continue?...Do they only want people arrested if they are not family? Those are the questions?

    1. In general, there aren't many comments on this blog so don't expect a sudden change. Someone did contact me today to let me know why people aren't commenting if I get in touch with them. No thanks. I'm not that interested in hearing the street theories.

  2. sounds/looks like some meal tickets just got canceled.

  3. For 2 days my fb timeline was filled with the reposting of the news story, and a lot of shock...I myself reposted the story because I had no idea why the alphabet agencies were in town prior to the news of the bust my timeline was sprinkled with post starting that the FBI was in the city....I paid those post no mine since they didn't make sense or the news affect me....but after I read the Daily Times post of the news story,I was honestly shocked because of the 2 names I recognized, I had no idea they were in the drug game...I don't know many people that are...or I just don't know what people are into....but let's hope now with this 1st step the violence in the city is brought under control.

  4. Looks like this kills the BS approach of Kirkland and his Democratic Party of Chester and Portia, Al, Nafis and Liz, to blame the city budget shortfalls on the Mayor's budget. When the budget mess was inherited from the Republicans, in combination with the sweeheart contracts given to Kirkland, Shuster and Starr buddies. Including Starr's contract to do nothing. Wonder what services his $100,000 would be good for in the City? or the Monies paid to his business partner Drake who now runs CEDA. Oh, by the way CEDA had a lean on thier building, where did the lean go? and how did the Board hire Drake without doing any checks, as Kirkland and the Democratic party has said needed doing before now with that position.

    Thad gets in front of Council and with Council, tries to come at the Mayor about the budget and his department. Kirkland is the problem and should be run out of any office. He is a pimp in the pulpit and is a pimp with his Democratic Party Geriatrics as his henchmen.

    A drug dealer will roll Thad or his son-in-law and orange will be the new black for them. Mr. Roots, please keep the city budget front and center and investigate ALL the conflicts of interest that exist with Kirkland, Shuster, Jacobs, West, Williams and Starr. Jury is still out on Nafis....but we are watching. Thad's days of lying and puttng out bull on the street are over. Notice is served.

    1. I haven't touched the budget story yet. I'm not an insider so my only reference is the Daily Times. After reading their story, it only conjures a ton of questions which no one ever answers. I was disappointed at the cavalier tone of the City's responses to possibly not meeting payroll. I simply haven't taken the time to organize my thoughts about what I read. It doesn't look good.

  5. Now the murder rate will decline and chester will become a civilized city like it once was.