Sunday, September 21, 2014

Baltimore County African American Cultural Festitval

On a rare nothing-to-do Saturday, I drove to Towson, Maryland to catch Avery Sunshine perform at the Baltimore County African American Cultural Fest.

It's obvious who the star is in this photo. Avery Sunshine
performed in a top designed and created by Veta Roots

Prior to the main acts, the highlight of the day was watching Radio One's Cathy Hughes presented with her wax likeness that will be heading to the Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore. As a sort-of-media-guy, I look up to Ms. Hughes with high regard. She is a giant in the industry. 

Cathy Hughes stands besides her wax
likeness after the unveiling. 
Violinist Chelsey Green opened the show with an amazing set full of contemporary R&B songs infused with familiar classical music. Her CD drops on Tuesday and she's one to keep an eye on. Check her out on YouTube. Avery Sunshine followed her with her fan friendly repertoire of originals, gospel and cover songs. The headliner was Raheem DeVaughn who came out strong but was disrupted by sound equipment malfunctions (or a bad sound crew - they were far too loud most of the day). Somehow, he kept it going with the help of the only music available, his DJ, before things corrected itself in the end. 

When she kicked off her shoes you knew it was on.
Chelsey Green on violin is a name you will be hearing about.
The event reminded me of Chester's Riverfront Ramble in a lot of ways. Unlike the Ramble which always has a reunion feel to it as we see folks we haven't seen in years, the Baltimore event was made fun by mingling with complete strangers and feeling right at home. 

These youngsters did a New Edition review. They were great. 

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  1. Good job covering the event! It appear that it was a wonderful event.