Monday, August 18, 2014

Is Covanta’s New York trash new trash or repackaged trash?

Every time I think I have the answer, I get stumped. Covanta already burns NYC trash in Chester and recently signed on to burn it for 20 more years. Or, did they recently sign to burn additional NYC trash for 20 more years? 

At least some of the trash from NYC is coming in on rail car. Or, is all of the trash from NYC coming in on rail car? 

These simple questions have never been answered in anything I've read or heard.

Read the next few statements. Let me know if it’s clear to you how this deal works.
For the next 20 years, up to 500,000 tons of waste will be coming to Chester from New York City, so Covanta wants to bring it to the area on trains in sealed rail boxes.
Those against the plan said that “New York Trash train” would increase the plant’s intake by hundreds of thousands of tons per year for the next 40 years.Covanta did not make an application to increase its capacity and representatives stated numerous times that no more trash would be burned as a result of this request. Covanta executives explained that the plant operates as close to capacity as possible at all times for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is economics.
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  1. Ask Eddie Bautista, the New York Environmental Justice advocate who only cares about justice in his own back yard. Or, better yet, ask New York Mayor de Blasio, the so called Progressive, who has not even considered changing the plan Bloomberg "dumped" on him.


    de Blasio: Mayor Bill de Blasio
    City Hall
    New York, NY 10007
    311 or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC
    Send Online Message:

  2. Why is Mayor Deblasio building a hazardous MTS in a neighborhood with 6 schools?