Friday, August 22, 2014

Ferguson. A faux controversy over race.

I love when journalist speak their mind as opposed to feeding us what the publishers want us to read. Christine Flowers never pulls any punches and doesn’t mind mixing it up on the topic of race relations in America.

I think a big part of the race relation divide in America is that people don’t talk about race enough with each other, especially between the races. As a black blogger committed to a black community, I bring up race often. I figure someone has to speak on our behalf, why not me (us).

I don’t totally agree with all of Ms. Flowers statements regarding the Faux Controversy particularly her claims of this being a media-driven mess. I think the folks in Ferguson would have taken to the streets even if TV and social media wasn’t invented yet. 

I will agree with Ms. Flowers that this media-driven mess is tiring and will make you sick. There’s entirely too much ‘empty’ coverage that is consuming the tube as opposed to the old fashioned daily recap and film at 11 that would sum it all up in a tidy little nutshell. Of course, you’d read the daily papers to get the juicy details if you were so inclined. Those days are over forever.

But the days of anger are not over. Young blacks have no connection to the peaceful marches of the past. They see the world they live in and wonder what changed as a result of peace marches as they still live in ghettos, go to bad schools, can’t find work, and white people get cured of Ebola.

Young people have only seen the United States at war around the globe. When they turn on the TV they see tanks and armor everyday. When they hit the streets they see the local police with some of the same gear. Young folks believe that you fight fire with fire. Violence and revolt is the only thing that gets attention in their minds. You may not like it, but they’re right.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil...and the tear gas, and the national guard, and the stitches. It doesn’t always get justice, but as Ms. Flowers says, neither does national conversations on race. 

The message from young blacks in Ferguson is..."Now that we have your attention...” 

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  1. Stefan, thank you for this. Ironically, THIS is the kind if conversation we need on race. I'm glad yours is the voice leading it in Chester

    1. How kind of you to reply. Chester is a tough city to engage conversations on race. Nearly all the residents are black so racial tension between citizens doesn't exist. All the political leaders are black. Only the city police force gets folks talking about race. Oh, that's the same thing going on in Ferguson. My my.

  2. I read article yesterday and I can't agree with her" Lilly white" statements because it sounded to me like she like most white people in this country just wants every one to shut up and quietly let things get back to the status quo and that is why we are here today and the police in this country feel as though they can gun down or beat up or totally wreak any one the feel they want or're right a real conversation needs to take place and not the band aid of the last civil rights movement....but as long as there is money to be made off of racism in this country I feel like we will always just get a band aid let's not forget the slight of hand the government lies too play...some of those civil rights era laws are up for revote this year....let's hope we still have a lot of those rights when the air voting