Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Chester Quiz

Here are the most asked issues people think I know the answers to (like my name is Herb Denenburg). Here's your chance to provide answers and get these folks off my case.

  1. Where are we with the Chester cop shown beating on the woman at the gas station?
  2. Where are we with the missing/reappearing rifle scope from the Chester police evidence room?
  3. Will every household get a recycle container?
  4. What's the plan for repairing the Lloyd Street bridge?
  5. Has a new director of CEDA been found?
  6. Who is the contact person for the Riverfront Ramble vendors?
  7. What recreation programs does the city sponsor for children? 
  8. What is the city's plan for Pulaski school?
  9. Why doesn't the city broadcast city council meetings on the public access channel?
  10. Instead of spending money for free concerts, why doesn't the city have concerts to make money?


  1. Why aren't the "community listening session dates" published on Chester City website?
    Why aren't there minutes of the meeting indicating what "action steps" are being taken to end gun violence in Chester?

  2. they are on website and on city tv channnel

    1. 'They' what? What website? What's the city tv channel?

      When submitting comments, please try to be complete. Many readers are not Chester folks. Many Chester folks need guidance getting information. One of our biggest obstacles to growth is the lack of timely and accurate information.

      I think the 'They' you are referring to are the Listening Sessions. Here's the link:

      I'm not a Comcast guy, but the 'city channel' is within channel 0-10. I heard Comcast recently had a channel lineup change. But, the city website has a link to Channel 10. That must be it. You can see the slide show by clicking the channel 10 button on - left side.

  3. Someone asked if Chester is caught up on their audits and if the credit rating has gone up as a result.

    How would I know?

  4. you are still a slave roots