Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chester man cleared of all charges but still looks guilty as hell

I was excited to see that a Chester man was cleared of all charges from yesterday’s Daily Times cover story. My sincere hope was that ‘upon further review’ they realized the wrong guy was arrested and allowed him back into society as a free man. 

Unfortunately, two issues still hang in the air like the stench from Covanta on a hot and humid day. First, the photo on the cover. Instead of seeing a smiling, relieved, appreciative young man, the image is of a pissed guy in handcuffs being escorted by an officer with a bullet proof vest worn on the outside and a belt that would make Batman jealous. The inside photo ain’t much different.

Secondly, the article never explains why he was released other than... 
After a comprehensive review of all of the available evidence, we concluded that there was insufficient evidence to sustain our burden of proof...

We learn a lot about the crime committed but nothing on the details of insufficient evidence. 

Articles like this leave most readers unconvinced of his innocence. Maybe that’s the intent. 

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