Sunday, July 13, 2014

'All Riders Up' Hosts 2nd Annual Summer Camp for Boys and Girls Club of Chester

July 11, 2014 (Garnet Valley, Pa) – All Riders Up (ARU), a non-profit charitable organization based on 12 acres in a neighborhood setting in Garnet Valley, will host the Boys and Girls Club of Chester for the next two weeks to provide equine education and awareness.  The camp schedule includes three ½ day sessions each week, and the 70 children from Chester will receive an introduction to horsemanship while also learning to ride with the help of ARU staff, instructors, and a crew of dedicated volunteers. 

The proceeds of this community outreach event will be used to assist the ARU mission of serving community members with special needs. Janet Riley-Ford, executive director for Boys and Girls Club of Chester, comments, “I am glad that our kids are learning about a valuable activity and that they can contribute to future opportunities for those with special needs.  It is important for our children to know that giving is as gratifying as receiving.” 

In addition to riding & horsemanship, this year the camp is also offering the children an exposure to a calf roping demonstration by local cowboy/horse trainer Phil Wax, a honey bee keeping demonstration by Jack McMichael, and a "You Can Learn To Juggle Too" demonstration by Mr. Randy Lyons (Turk's Head Jugglers of West Chester), Jack McMichael and Ellen Thomas.
ARU provides equine assisted activities to encourage individuals with special needs in reaching their potential for physical, behavioral, and social development in an atmosphere of recreation and fun.  

Recently they received a Sure-Hands hydraulic lift to assist wheelchair users in safely mounting their lesson horse that can also be beneficial for veterans in our community who can benefit from therapeutic riding. The lift was purchased through a grant awarded from the Wawa, Inc. Corporate Community Charities Committee and funds for installation were provided by awards from The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant program, and The Home Depot Foundation Community Impact Grant program.  For more information on ARU, visit

The Boys and Girls Club of Chester was established in 1930 to provide a place of learning, support and growth for the youth of Chester in a safe environment. Today, they continue their mission in the George E. Carter Center located at 201 E. 7th Street in Chester. This modern facility offers school-aged boys and girls with entertaining programs and athletic activities in an environment which is focused on education, character development, and discussing healthy lifestyle choices. For more information, visit


  1. Wow Brian this is a funny picture

  2. Thanks for posting this story, we're having a lot of fun with the Boys
    and Girls Club of Chester kids and staff. Please check out our website,, for more info about us including an updated release
    that includes an additional THANK YOU to the Widener Memorial Foundation
    In Aid of Handicapped Children for their help with the hydraulic lift.