Monday, June 9, 2014

Why Arsenio was cancelled

The short answer is that not enough people watched it. But, the people that did watch it really enjoyed it.

I was more curious than excited to hear Arsenio Hall was coming back to late night. After watching the first few episodes, I was disappointed. He was following the same ole format of all the other late night shows and it wasn't working. His opening monologs were horrible which was disappointing since he is a comic. 

Yet, to his credit, he quickly changed up quite a bit and the show became very entertaining and he became more relaxed. He didn't always open with a monolog and injected some very clever segments that were working well. 'Who you Wit' was my favorite.

I DVRed the show and skipped the guests I wasn't interested in. It's the guests I was interested in that made the Arsenio Hall show so important and relavent.

Who else is featuring Jim Brown, Dick Gregory, Magic and Cookie Johnson, Blair Underwood, Russell Simmons, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,  Bernard Hopkins, Tyler Perry, Diahann Caroll, Katt Williams, to name a few. Entire shows featured R. Kelly, Prince, Eddie Murphy, and the cast of Housewives of Atlanta…and the list goes on.

People I didn't think I liked turned interesting on his show like Rick Ross, Tracy Morgan, Omar Epps, Nick Cannon, J.B. Smooth…to name a few. 

Rumor has it that a lot of other celebs wanted to be on his show but their agents wouldn't book them.

Why Black America didn't embrace the Arsenio Hall Show is a mystery to me. I guess that's showbiz for you.

And…Arsenio wins my award for the best dressed man on television. His suits were incredible. Maybe he should start his own clothing line. 


  1. Saw the first show and was completely turned off. Never tuned back in.

    1. I gave him a week before I gave up. Those first shows were horrid. Same experience with Wendy Williams. I saw her first two shows and gave up. They were atrocious. They both righted ship quickly. Wendy looked a lot better on the radio. I find her hard to watch on TV.

  2. I agree with all that you mentioned. It's good to know that it was not just me.

    1. It's even better to know that it's not just me.