Monday, June 23, 2014

Memorial is a reminder to start the fight

A new type of cemetery is on display in Chester. One hundred forty four colored tee shirts dot the front lawn of Chester Eastside Ministries at 9th and Upland Streets in plain site of every vehicle that passes that block.

Each tee shirt represents residents killed by a gun since 2009.

The group who sponsored the event, Heeding God’s Call, has been trying to get the attention of Chester folks to join them at demonstrations in front of local gun shops in an effort to put controls in place to stop straw purchases, many of which were used in these murders.

Up to now, the participation has been scant. 

Heeding God’s Call will try again to engage more folks on Saturday as  a walk and rally for universal background checks will begin 10 a.m. at the Calvary Baptist Church, 1616 W. Second Street, go down Ninth Street to the memorial at Chester Eastside and on to the Providence Friends Meeting House in Media.

Let’s see how many folks are ready to fight. 

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  1. so sad...just don't understand why all this is happening

  2. Jesus is soon to come!