Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What’s the difference between Wolf and Corbett?

I don’t see much difference between Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett. I thought the more interesting candidates for governor were the ladies. I would have rather seen either Allyson Schwartz or Katie McGinty go against Corbett.

Wolf is another one of those rich guys who will likely pander to the other rich folks and business types. Ladies normally have an inherently stronger focus on family and would be more likely to bring attention to those issues.

I don’t see Tom Wolf bringing business to Chester. I did envision either of the ladies bringing resources to places like Chester to help struggling families.

Tom Wolf was the overwhelming favorite going into the election but I don’t understand how he became the overwhelming choice of Chester voters (Wolf 1,325 vs The Ladies 388 combined).

Can someone help me understand?


  1. The amount of advertising controlled the minds and votes of the residents.

  2. It comes down to MONEY, Tom Wolf is going to line the pockets of Thad. Chester DEMS are mentally challenged they will fall for anything that Thad says.

  3. yea your are a slAVE