Thursday, May 15, 2014

They ‘Jacked’ the wrong one

I hardly ever watch the 11 news but last night I had an appetite for some crime, murder and destruction. The first story on Action News came out of Chester. Of course I thought it was another shooting...maybe a murder since it was leading. I couldn’t believe my ears when they said Mayor John Linder’s wife was carjacked.

So many thoughts went through my mind. First and foremost, I was thrilled to hear that Mrs. Linder wasn’t harmed as she did the right thing by giving up the keys and running for her life. I was held up at the Lamokin Street train stop years ago by three gunman so I know the fear factor she's experiencing. (They actually shot me).

Chester has its share of crime but carjackings isn’t one of them. I thought it was either someone from out of town needing a car for another crime they were committing or it was another bunch of dumb ass Chester kids all highed up and acting stupid. 

What idiot ‘jacks a 10 year old car? An out-of-towner may not have known the mayor lived on that block but a local surely’d think.  At the time of this writing, they haven’t named the suspects but the car was found a half mile away making my 'dumb ass Chester kids' theory more likely than not. 

My next thought went to my mom. She’s 89 years old and won’t give up the car keys. Mrs. Linder’s car was found on the block my mother lives suggesting that the bad guys live near her. What if a 7 year old Chevy Aveo was more attractive than a 10 year old Ford Taurus? Unlike Mrs. Linder, my mom can’t run. She can barely walk, but she is still a helluva driver. If my mom got ‘jacked, she wouldn’t stand a chance, and that’s what disturbs me the most. 

All the new police in town can’t stop a crime but they have a much better chance of catching the bad guy. I’ll be watching the outcome of this one with great interest. 


  1. Great story and glad it turn out Ok but what about all the other crime in the city the police can't catch a cold on them but this one is sloved

  2. I thought the same thing who highjacks a Ford Taurus let alone its 10 years old. Then I thought oh my goodness are they trying to send the Mayor a message of some type? The I heard they found the car parked a few blocks away and I realized its not that deep is some dumb azz kids or someone on drugs. Maybe thats why this one was solved to quickley "they were ameteurs?"

  3. I'm relieved that his wife was unharmed. However,I'm sure the Residents of Chester would love if that same energy that he's using to catch the thieves would go to the REST of the City..... But, hey sometimes it has to hit home for things to click.

    1. How much energy does it take when the dunce parks the stolen car 8 blocks away? A crossing guard could have made that arrest.