Friday, May 16, 2014

Is Jameer Nelson retiring to become an NBA announcer?

I caught Jameer at a local summer league
game a little while back posing with fans
Jameer Nelson, along with Coatsville’s Rip Hamilton, joined regular Rick Fox and host Rick Kamla on NBA TV’s GameTime program earlier this week. Makes me wonder if Jameer is being groomed to take over a mic when he leaves the NBA as a player. 

Jameer had great comments but was a little soft spoken and not as aggressive as Rip and Rick Fox when it was open for any of them to chime in. 

Jameer did have a fun moment shown switching from the Jason Kidd no tie look to demonstrate on national TV that he knew how to tie a knot and get back to the Jameer Nelson look of suit and tie. Even Rip Hamilton said Jameer charged him to tie his necktie before the broadcast because he normally doesn't wear a tie.

It’s great to see Jameer taking his post NBA career seriously. Most of us can’t imagine what it’s like to retire before the age of 40. It appears Jameer doesn’t want to know either. (Don’t you wish Iverson had the same insight?)

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