Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From ‘Old School Policing’ to ‘Operation City Surge’

Chester’s strategy to curb the uptick of shootings and murder is akin to moving from Good Cop to Bad Cop. 

A tad less than a year ago, they rolled out Old School Policing as a technique to appear more present in the neighborhoods experiencing abnormal violence. More patrols driving around, beat cops on the sidewalks meeting and greeting, and even a few invites inside of homes for a cup of coffee was in theory how neighbors would fell safer and the bad guys would curb their enthusiasm. Obviously, that strategy, while good for public relations, was bad for stopping the shooting. 

Now, with Operation City Surge, the city will be flooded with law enforcement folks doing whatever they can to bring a sense of normalcy for a city that may have established a new normal.

Yet, while Operation City Surge was gathering itself and arresting parole violators, gun shots we’re popping off all around them. In a primary effort to save lives, the secondary hope is that a sustained ‘surge’ will impress upon the shooters that there’s a greater likelihood they’ll get caught. Yet, the sad reality is that most of these shooters feel their ‘beef’ is greater than their stint. 

I noticed one of Operation City Surge objectives is to address straw gun purchases, however, Heeding God’s Call wasn’t listed as one of the agencies sitting at the table during the strategy sessions. I bet if law enforcement showed up with Heeding God’s Call at gun shop protests those gun shop owners would stop straw selling. 

Business owners don’t like to do stints. 

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