Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chester’s (missing) Idol

Last night’s Chester Idol program was amazing. The Wilson Center was transformed into the Uptown; the House Band was ‘off the charts’; the past winners performed flawlessly; the professional act was entertaining; and the Chester Idol competition was a nail biter to the end. 

‘Sign Up, Step Up, or Shut Up’ is the great new Chester mantra. Somehow, Chester folks didn’t ‘Sign Up’ to compete, and many of you were (missing) in the audience, but the Kappa’s really ‘Stepped Up’ to bring Chester a first class family oriented program. So, those of you who didn’t support this event but continue to complain there’s nothing to do in Chester, please ‘Shut Up’.

Five dollars was the price of admission for a child to enjoy this great event, yet, many complain there’s nothing for kids to do in Chester. Sure, it wasn’t free, but the proceeds went to scholarships for Chester High students - and a production of that magnitude isn’t produced for free.

Congratulations and a big thank you go out to the Kappa Alpha Psi & Chester Alumni Foundation for bringing Chester Idol to the city that begs for people to stop complaining and starting getting involved in bringing positive energy to the city. You couldn’t have set a better example of what taking action with excellence means. 

Look for the video on this site later in the week.

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