Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When a Drug Gang becomes a Drug Ring

The front page of today’s Daily Times showed mug shots of guys caught selling drugs to high school and college students.  

I’m so glad the story was written by the Main Line Times because I would hate to aim this rant at reporters from the Delaware County Daily Times.

The more I read this story the more I couldn’t believe what I'm reading. Hopefully, I’m not alone in my perceptions.

Top 10 'Drug Ring' Spin Moves
  1. "This was an elaborate drug ring." (Looks like a cold blooded drug gang to me)
  2. Juveniles selling over a pound of weed a week were involved but not charged as adults. (Selling drugs in high schools with guns available for use is what kiddy court does best?)
  3. The ring leaders were college dropouts but only described as prep school graduates. (Don't call them college dropouts. It hurts their image) 
  4. One ring leader quit college in Connecticut to enroll in the University of Marijuana in California. (Who needs college when a PhD in weedology will do)
  5. The same ring leader had drugs shipped to his apartment but also stays home with mom and dad. (I guess mom and dad were never invited to the apartment)
  6. The ring leader justified selling marijuana because the Main Line weed was of poor quality.  (How many focus groups did it take to figure that out?)
  7. The ring leader cursed at the reporters photographing him. (They weren’t taking his good side)
  8. The college drop outs served as coaches in area youth leagues. (Kids can’t have enough good role models)
  9. No gun charges were mentioned. (The AR-15s, 9mm, and ammo were all registered properly and used for hunting deer when not sitting among pounds of weed)
  10. The ring leader took loose marijuana leaves and stems and manufactured hash oil at his parents home in Paoli. (No mention of the parents home being seized by police. No mention of parents being arrested for having weed in their house. What parent is going to miss all that action going on in the West Wing of their home?)
It's amazing how serious criminal activity can be spun into a cartoon in just a few paragraphs. 

Click HERE for the story

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