Friday, April 25, 2014

The city of Chester has a lot going for it

The city of Chester has a lot going for it — a gorgeous riverfront, the sparkling PPL Park that’s the home of the Philadelphia Union, Harrah’s casino, a world-class center for higher education in Widener University, and one of the best medical facilities in the region in Crozer-Chester Medical Center (right across the road in Upland).

If only the story could end there.

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  1. How much better would Chester be financially if these institutions paid taxes to this city? Just think of the programs and facilities our children could be involved in, instead of crime. Not everyone can play basketball. It makes my skin crawl when these particular
    institutions, Crozer, Widener, The Union, Recycling and Harrah's brag as to what they are
    doing for Chester. Believe me, especially Crozer and Widener are getting grant monies to
    put out programs in Chester. And consider the profit all of them compared to what is
    given out in gifts, coats, scholarships, etc. there is no comparison. The epitome of Poverty Pimping if you ask me. Widener having their own Charter School, which has helped to bankrupt the district. Chester's only library losing funds to stay on, while residents will be
    escorted from the Widener Library if they ask to use it. Let's look at some real solutions and start making these institutions pay their fair share.