Monday, April 7, 2014

Crowdfunding for 'the Other Way around"

“the Other Way around"                                         
written & directed by Nathan Ross Freeman                                
Starring Wendy Butista  & Don W. Newton (Nathan Ross Freeman’s Mr. Bones) 
Featuring Angela Ray (Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor”)                                                                                        
“Edmund secretly shops for wedding rings.  He is going to surprise his wife, Simone, on their 30th Anniversary.  On bended knees he will ask to renew their  vows.”         
“At the same time, the same moment, Simone is across town secretly having divorce papers handed to her.  She will surprise Edmund with 'serve' of these divorce papers after dessert, with wine, on their anniversary.” 

On this 30th year what magic will jump start the next 30 when the vows are stirred, after dessert, in a brew with the serve of 'mutual incompatibility'.   

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