Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Tale of Two Mayors and their Libraries

 I happened to see a few cars in the Crozer library parking lot yesterday and figured they hadn’t started the Monday closings yet. Wrong! As a young lady tugged at the door, it was obvious no one was home. When two older adults approached the entrance the three of them gathered around the sign on the door and appeared to mull over their options on what to do next. Moments after they walked off, a teen met the same fate.

Calling library closings the "absolute worst decision" in his 20 years in elected office, City Council "was right on this issue . . . and I've been determined to correct my mistake ever since," after proposing a $2.5 million increase for the Free Library. This would allow libraries to reopen six days a week.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Chester’s mayor making that statement but it was his colleague 12 miles up I-95, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter. What’s the chance of our mayor coughing up a few dollars to keep our only library open 6 days a week until the windfall of tax money comes flowing in? Slim to none is my bet.

It’s such a bad look.


  1. Whats wrong with that decision? I am a Democrat and I am black and I can do no wrong they will still vote for me. LMBO. I demoted the police chief and brought in a known racist, I fired 18 people just because they supported Butler, I have not brought in any new business, I have Thads family all working for me. This city wont vote me out I am black and I am a Democrat

  2. Not a good look at all. CLOSE THE ONLY CITY LIBRARY? Really? Wow.

  3. I dont care I will get re elected because I am a democratic. I dont have to do anything special, only thing I have to do is be a democratic. Thats what this city will support. I dont care that the library is closed on Monday's Thads family don't work there so who cares.

  4. theresa scott-goodeMarch 13, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    this is such a tragedy. the library serves so many people for different reasons. I found it handy when I was home schooling my grand daughter. I loved the library when it was in Deshong park.The library board has been fighting with the city council since they came in office. They should follow Mayor Nutter and understand the mistake.Every time they defend their decisions they compare us to other cities and how they do things.

  5. one day are you kidding me city will make out stop hating on thad wake up you slaves