Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don Newton's new film to be crowd sourced

Don Newton, is co-producing and starring in (along with Wendy Bautista) a new film written and directed by Nathan Ross Freeman entitled: 
The Other Way Around (tOWa - the graffiti acronym). 

tOWa is an important film that celebrates the millions of unheralded marriages based on True Love and Fidelity that go the distance where death does not part.

It is wonderful that today's technology and alternative sources of funding exist as they liberate the art of making movies that do not conform to formulas from a film industry that is tied so tightly to those formulas. Nathan Ross Freeman is one of those independent filmmakers. The Other Way Around is of those films, both a commercial venture applying to the top 25 film festivals and a work of art where excellence in the end is the most marketable product.

They are using INDIEGoGo "crowd sourcing" for much of the funding and have only 30 days to raise the money necessary to film tOWa.  The deadline is April 14.  Filming runs from May 16 to May 26.

Contributions are welcome and there are enticing perks that would go with your contribution.  But even if you cannot contribute, you are still a most valuable resource - Please, pass this note around to those who would appreciate the art of good filmmaking.

Please feel free to call Don Newton at 610/613-4133 for more information, or to offer ideas.

Thank you for your time, interest, consideration, and contributions.


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