Monday, January 6, 2014

Does Chester High defense miss Rondae Jefferson?

I love the picture on page 52 of the Daily Times. It show Rondae doing what he does best - playing defense. 

I watched one of his college games and the commentator said, “Hollis-Jefferson is a jump shot away from the NBA.” If that’s the case, he may never get there.

Although he’s still developing, I just don’t see Rondae as a scorer. Sure, he is a decent ball handler which is nice for a guy his size, and he can get to the basket and finish on fast breaks, but his special talent is stopping the scorers on the other team.

NBA teams would love to have a defensive stopper on their team, especially if they can rebound, too. They can always find a scorer somewhere else. Can Rondae be the next Rodman (without the hair, makeup, and trips to North Korea)?

I haven’t seen this year’s Chester High School boy’s basketball team, but reading the Terry Thomas recaps tells me that they can score, but they haven’t stopped any other team from scoring. Neumann-Goretti seemed to have their way with the Clippers to win by double digits. 

Could it be that Chester doesn’t have that defensive stopper this year?

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