Monday, September 2, 2013

Robin Thicke has ‘blurred the lines’ suing Marvin Gaye

Robin Thicke has kinda grown on me. At first, I figured him as a Marvin Gaye & Prince copy cat. After seeing his live show last year, and listening to his new CD, I still think he’s a Marvin Gaye & Prince knockoff, but he’s good at.

Strangely, until the recent controversy with his hit 'Blurred Lines', I didn’t hear the similarity to Gaye’s song and I still don’t hear a Funkadelic riff. 

Now, the Gayes and Thickes are in some kind of law suit over it. 

I don’t understand most legal stuff, but, my legal blogging partner has done a great job breaking down the law suit so us laymen can understand. 

It’s not a complaint asking for money.  It’s not even asking the judge to find fault.  It’s simply asking the judge to conclusively rule on each’s  party’s rights, duties, and obligations.   That’s it.

Click HERE for the rest of Trezanay Atkins' breakdown if you're interested

I think this song sounds like a nursery rhyme. Clever how Jimmy Fallon and The Roots feel the same way. 

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