Saturday, July 6, 2013

Who’s watching the Trayvon trial?

I hope no one is watching the Trayvon trial because Trayvon is not on trial. Mr. Zimmerman is.

“You know what I mean...” is what folks keep saying when I correct them. But I don’t know what you mean. 

Why am I so disturbed when I hear ‘the Trayvon trial’ come out of people’s mouth? Am I alone? 

I’m not a court TV kinda guy so I haven’t watched a single moment, but I do listen to all realms of talk radio and the discussions are amazing. Most folks have already made up their minds and are seeking anything to support their position. Some folks are picking apart the testimony and keeping score on which side is winning day-to-day. The rest of the folks are complaining about Rachel Jeantel.

The law, and what we think should be the law, often don’t match up well. Whatever the outcome, the Zimmerman trial will not satisfy everyone that justice was served.

As for the media circus, it wouldn’t have existed if the police had just done the right thing in the beginning. They’re the ones that should be on trial. 

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