Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday is Oldies Nite at Ethel Waters Park

On Rt 291 across from the back side of Chester City Hall tucked down a few stairs you'll find the beautiful Ethel Waters park

DJ Ali Hackett was not playing old school like you hear on the radio. He was spinning the real deal oldies.

Good food is there so you can have dinner with your oldies

DJ Ali Hackett ain't no joke

These ladies were dancing and singing and clapping and smiling. Gotta love it. 

Thankfully, someone called me to tell me about this event. I don't recall receiving a press release but buried on the Chester City website under events I found this posting...Click HERE


  1. thanks - i'll check it out!!

    1. Please do. Bring a lawn chair, find a spot in the shade, and chill with the oldies lovers. Someone should consider transporting folks from the senior centers. I'm sure they'd enjoy the experience.