Monday, July 8, 2013

Old School Hip Hop rocks Chester Park for the 4th of July

The band shell at Chester Park is one of the most underutilized gems of our city. The newly installed park benches were broken in on July 4th with a classic hip-hop concert from five of the biggest acts of the 80s.

Although they arrived later than expected, the DJ rocked the crowd for over an hour while people of all ages waited patiently, grooving to some of the best old school beats of that era.

The show didn’t disappoint either.

My age group were in our 20s when these artist were in their prime and most of us wondered if the future of that music would share a slice of the golden oldies that R&B songs have dominated.

Easily, the answer is yes.

The crowd stood through most of the concert and enjoyed hearing their favorite old school hip hop tunes performed by the original performers. The show may have lacked the energy they had back in the 80s but it was enjoyable to take a walk back in time when rap music was all about having fun and partying, as opposed to much of what today’s rap industry is feeding us.


  1. Great day for the city and the people of Chester.

  2. was a good show thanks liz

  3. Bull Shit!!! They complained about the Republicans and then went out and tried to have the same show.

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