Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The new Chester Upland School District

School of the Arts will close.

The STEM High School which was at Showalter before moving to Smedley is moving back to Showalter. 

Main Street, Toby Farms and Stetser will house Kindergarten through 6th graders.

Chester High School will be named the Chester Upland Education Center and serve Pre-Kindergarten, child care, alternative education, all 7th and 8th grades, the 9th grade academy, 10th through 12th grade classes, and all the big shots from the administration building.

Students will be issued smart identification cards that will restrict their access to the portions of the building housing their respective programs. In other words, no more walking the halls.

What is 9th grade academy? And where will the 9th graders go who aren’t in the academy?

I’m so glad y’all understand the logic behind all this since you’ve gone to all these community meetings with Mr. Receiver. 

What’s your thought on this plan?

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  1. re-open the Vo-tech building it just sitting there. insteed of over crowding the high school ultilize the vo-tech building, we seem to have to money for repairs (3 million dollars)...Lamont2086

  2. The old VO-TECH hss been allowed to deteriorate beyond repair. Homeless people, scrappers and young adults have preyed upon this building for years. The fate that building should incur is the wrecking ball.
    Its just another unmarketable dinosaur of a building that plagues our city.

  3. Funny, Main Street and Toby Farms are acroos the street from each other, and Stetser will remain open. So I'm assuming the kids in the west end don't derve a neighborhood school? Columbus should be used to house all the elementary aged kids in order to break up the turf issues. Kids growing up together will have a differernt respect for each other. Midle school should be abolished and Jr. High School needs to be resurected.

  4. We all have to be blamed for 1 its our kids, its our community & it makes me sick to my stomack that we can sell 3000 tickets to a basketball game or show up in the court room when our friends get in trouble but cant get 20 people to step up and let the new jacks know what we want or expect. While both schools on the west side just sits and become a breeding ground for many of the rodents from developments on highland ave. then theres 2 buildings off kerlin st, columbus that will be just like the Votech around the corner take a look both buildings and you will see that both seem to be in a good spot for the kids in those neighborhoods. as well as Pulaski and Wm Penn schools Ive had enough of blaming the outsiders. They been working on these things for some time now and in 10 years Chester wont be the same place anymore a new place with a new face guess what they're getting us all out!

  5. columbus is about 15 million to fix and it is in a flood zone school has mole and water damage thats why we closed columbus people need to take and stand and fight for a school on westside mr kane lead a rally
    stop talking are you still working at the high take a day off and rally march stop running your lips

  6. PARENTS! Take control of your kids. School districts that give a kid a chance and education have parents that care!

  7. Joe Kane,
    Have you visited Columbus Elementary School lately? Rodents and roaches were abundant during the school year accompanied by mold in most areas. The former Pulaski Middle School should have NEVER been closed as it would have been a perfect place for students on the west end of Chester.