Monday, February 11, 2013

Spelman College fundraiser features Avery Sunshine

Dear Spelman Alumnae, Spelman Family and Spelman Friends,

On Saturday, April 20th at 7pm at the Brandywine Country Club the Delaware Chapter is hosting An Evening with Columbia Blue, our signature event exclusively dedicated to raising funds for book and tuition scholarships for Delaware-Chester Spelman students. Our featured performing artist, Avery Sunshine is a Spelman alumna who most of us know as Denise White.

Our signature event will help us achieve (2) primary goals.  They are 1) to provide a book scholarship to EVERY Delaware-Chester student enrolled in Spelman College after the successful completion of her first semester and 2) to provide at least two 3-year $15,000 tuition assistance scholarships to a Delaware-Chester student who has successfully completed a year at Spelman College. 

Help us economically empower Spelman College and financially support a Delaware-Chester Spelman student by
    - uploading the attached flyer to your Facebook
    - electronically sharing the attached flyer with your friends, family and network
    - going to and acquiring an invitation to have dinner, see an awesome performance and dance
    - offering your volunteer support to help us make this occasion our first successful signature event.

Spelman alumnae, Spelman family and Spelman friends, we can do this!  We can work together to ensure every Delaware-Chester Spelman student receives a book scholarship.  There are currently 10 Delaware students attending Spelman at this time. Purposefully, we can make a three year commitment to provide tuition assistance at a minimum of $5,000 per year to ease the yearly financial obligation of the $25,000 tuition fee.

On behalf of the Fundraising Committee and the Delaware Chapter I ask that you please upload our flyer to your Facebook, tell your family and friends about Spelman College and our commitment to support EVERY Delaware-Chester student and ensure their graduating from Spelman College. Go to to see and hear a sample of what we will experience on April 20th!

Last but not least, support us! Support us! Support us!  Buy a ticket, host a party of 10 or make a donation!  Our success is every Delaware-Chester Spelman student's success.

Your support and actions are appreciated and will be honored at An Evening with Columbia Blue,

Dr. Eyerce Armstrong-Poston, Ph.D.
Delaware Chapter President of the
National Alumnae Association of Spelman College

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