Sunday, February 24, 2013

How dumb is Delco?

Back on February 11, the Daily Times published the list of the lowest achieving schools in Delaware County. We’re only surpassed by Allegheny and Philadelphia counties, home to the state’s two largest cities.

So, if Delaware County was a city, we’d be the state’s third dumbest. 

Chester, Chichester, Penn Wood, Academy Park, Interboro, and Upper Darby High Schools performed in the bottom 15% in the state according to combined math and reading scores on 2011-12 PA System of School Assessment test.

There used to be a time that we considered hillbillies stupid. Not any more. If you want to give your kid a better education, move to the Appalachian trail and get as far away from the Delco schools as possible. 

Obviously, the state has a better idea. They’re giving students from the dumb schools ‘Opportunity Scholarships’ in order to attend better performing schools if their household is under $60,000. If selected, students get $8500 to attend a different public or private school enrolled in the program.

For more information about the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit program, including lists of Opportunity Scholarship Organizations and schools, as well as application information for businesses, visit

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  1. dumb is not good word

  2. students attending chichester high school and upper darby high school
    received high school leadership awards from widener university.....

  3. scores are not always a proper barometer, given a district like Chester has Special Ed. kids that are tested, while other district out source those kids. Also Upper Darby and Chester have a large number of kids who live in the district, but attend private or Catholic Schools.