Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chester Upland poised to reject charter school applications?

Chester Upland School District has until March 5 to reject two new charter school applications. 

Why would a charter school try to come into Chester when Mr. Receiver has made it plain that he’s looking to bring students back to the school district from existing charter schools?

One proposed charter school will focus on getting students to become critical thinkers and the other will create hospitality experts. 

I agree with Rachel Foster who needs to see how that critical thinking curriculum will fit into an elementary school curriculum. In my opinion, if someone came in with a behavior and discipline curriculum, I’d let them in right away.

And, a school focusing on hospitality is cool, but I’d need to see other speciality skill schools coming into the district for students not interested in hotel, resort, food and beverage careers. 

But, it’s all for naught anyway because Mr. Receiver’s entire program would go out the window if he allowed more charters in town, wouldn’t it?

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  1. If the current school does not perform on the state test, Mr. Receiver says the school will be chartered out. By positioning himself, he may accept the new charters to jump start the process. This should start the conversation rolling.

  2. the state plan was and is to make chester upland a charter/vocher school.Mr Receiver is full of it!!!!!

  3. Isn't the plan to make Chester a chartered dist anyway and dissolve CUSD? Hasn't that been the plan all along, I mean a school board more worried about one uping each other then the quality of the education or even to busy infighting to compromise for the better of the children involved and let's not forget the parents non-involvement, I mean wasn't this the recipe for this disaster? a Hospitality School? Really? What about a school coming into Chester and focusing on the betterment of the children it serves and not just coming in lining someone's pocket for a year until the school fails because How is a Hospitality school going to translate to the elementary students and the middle school students? and How is a critical thinking school going to translate to children that are 5-6yrs old just learning how to read and comprehend putting the cart before the horse on that one.......ijs