Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chester High School stays in the dark

Every globe light at the front entrance of Chester High are always off

The corner of 9th and Barclay is well lit, but you can never see the school behind it. 

For years, the outside of Chester High school has been in the dark. Why?

If it was a business, License and Inspection would site them for not enough outside light. But, a school which could have hundreds of people attending basketball games, arriving and leaving at night, gets a pass.

Obviously, there’s no cameras watching the outside because my camera proves that it’s too dark to pick up anything.

I hope I’m not the only one who notices that the lights are either off or missing all around the entrances and exits at Chester High school.

Chester vs Upper Darby tomorrow night. Bring your own flashlight. 


  1. Ever drive up Providence behind Smedley School and take a look? EVERY window is lit up, all night, even on weekends.

    Nobody cares... except the few of us that pay taxes.

    1. It's the custodian's job to turn off lights by 11pm when they leave. I guess they forget.

      Lack of lights outside of Chester High is a safety issue. Maybe they're saving on the light bill.

      Nobody cares.

  2. How come Chester High's Cafe is closed in the dark too.

  3. It did until 4 days ago children eating in hallway

    1. Is the cafe where students eat lunch or is it something separate

  4. thats true no hot water in school