Saturday, January 26, 2013

Threston C. Roots Scholarship Fund Launched

An Educational Prayer Breakfast kicked off an annual Charles E. Gordon Consistory #65 scholarship fund in the name of Threston C. Roots, which will be awarded to a deserving student from the area.

This morning at Franklin Lodge on West 3rd Street, many of the consistory members were on hand to participate in the launch. After a scrumptious meal, introductions, prayers, songs, and salutations, S.G.I.C. Roots gave his remarks.

Roots praised the work of the organization’s members but expressed concern that many in the community are not aware of their gracious and charitable works. He shared that when you’re constantly seen in your community as a giver and provider, people take notice and give you the respect you deserve. 

In that spirit, he announced the purpose of forming the scholarship was an effort to not only help a deserving student, but to provide an example of the type of activity all members should be striving for.

Roots also expressed that he would not be satisfied if less than $500 was collected from the room to go toward the scholarship. Reports imply that the room easily met that challenge, so he finally did take a seat.

The breakfast sermon was delivered by Minister Paul A. Adams, Sr. who used Roots’ community outreach message as a segue for his sermon on Can I get a Witness. 

If any of you would like to contribute to the Threston C. Roots scholarship fund, see any member of the Education Committee: Tobin Adams, Matthew Powell, Thomas Twine, Spencer Seaton, Robert Crawford, and Threston Roots. 

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  1. This is a great gesture on the part of the lodge and Mr. Roots! Is this scholarship for Lodge members families or City of Chester Youths or any graduating child?