Monday, January 28, 2013

Sally Starr dies

The announcement of Sally Star’s death is a reminder of how TV has changed for children since we were kids.

Just like adults now wake to their favorite celebrity morning shows - Kelly and Michael, GMA, CBS This Morning - us kids woke to Sally Star, Captain Kangaroo, and Gene London. 

Now, children have their own 24 hour cartoon networks while us over grown kids enjoy Adult Swim, the Simpsons, Boondocks, South Park, Cleveland Brown, and other ratchet  nonsense. 

I have an aunt who lived near Sally Star’s home in south Jersey and I can confirm that she was a true cowgirl as she always had a few horses on her property. 

Thanks to Sally Star, I enjoy spinach and hamburgers from watching all those Popeye cartoons. 

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  1. Remember her at the Apollo Movie Theatre on 3rd Street giving away toys every Christmas with Mr. Mack and Mrs. Mack.

    1. Really? I was there most every saturday but never saw her.

    2. i do remember paying only 10 cents to get into the apollo to see two movies plus cartoons!!

    3. 25 cents for me and my cousins. Will never forget seeing all those 007, Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, and great horror movies.